Friday, October 16, 2009

The Giessner Family Pets

My sweet Isabella! She loves her barbies, fairy princess books and her very pink ballet outfit. And she also loves earwigs, sow bugs (aka "the rollie pollie") and, above all, worms. So meet Wormy.... ...her very bestest friend in the whole world. She really "lubs him"! We found Wormy in an apple we were peeling for an apple pie. YUM! It really was a good pie.

R.I.P. will never be forgotten!

Wormy Giessner: Oct.1 2009 3pm--Oct.1 2009 6pm
Moving on...Koda (our beagle) had her puppies. Seven! That's right, seven puppies! She's such a great mommy too, and a real trooper. She was in labor all day, but once the first puppy came out, the rest were all out within a few hours. The kids really enjoyed watching her. They came home about 15 mins before the first one arrived, and they stayed by her side until I had to DRAG them away for bed. Six are traditional tri-colored, and one big fat male is chocolate. They should be ready to leave about a week before Christmas! Great timing, huh?

Bench Project

So I posted my $5 bench makeover....

I thought it turned out really well, but thought it needed something more. So I took the advice of some of the ladies that commented on it, and decided to put our last name on it. It was definitly a chore, but I love the end result! All I did was pick out a font I liked on the computer. Printed it out, then used my exacto blade to cut out a stencil on thicker cardstock paper. I taped the paper where I wanted it, directly in the center. Then using a foam sponge paint brush, I dabbed on the black paint. This is what I got.... A HUGE MESS!! What I should've done (my friend pointed out to me after I was finished) was use a black paint pen to outline it, then fill it in with black paint. Yes that would've worked much better. So I ended up having to touch it up with the black paint and the white paint.

And then after hours of a simple project gone complicated, this is what I got.....

I know it probably would've looked nicer if it was a little bigger, but I couldn't get the font any bigger. I like it though, and I can set something on either side if I want to. After a few days, I realized that my kids were drawn to it. It took a beating, so I ended up putting a coat of polycrylic on. Now, hopefully, it will last even longer.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Catching Up

I've fallen behind on my blogging! Last week Chase and I were sick with a stomach bug, and this week Bella and I are sick with the flu! Will it ever end?!?! So just a quick update (because I'm already out of breath from walking from my bed to the computer):

Koda is HUGE!!!! Just a week or so before we have puppies!!
I'm planning Bella's 5th birthday party. Small, but cool. Lots of pink, the way little girls like it. :)
Duck hunting on opening weekend, not me.
Halloween, still not even close to being ready. Although I did buy a few bags of candy, I still need more....
Thanksgiving and Christmas....don't even want to think about it yet.
Crazy life, check!

That's it for now. I'll catch up even more in a few days when, hopefully, I'll be better. :)