Friday, October 16, 2009

The Giessner Family Pets

My sweet Isabella! She loves her barbies, fairy princess books and her very pink ballet outfit. And she also loves earwigs, sow bugs (aka "the rollie pollie") and, above all, worms. So meet Wormy.... ...her very bestest friend in the whole world. She really "lubs him"! We found Wormy in an apple we were peeling for an apple pie. YUM! It really was a good pie.

R.I.P. will never be forgotten!

Wormy Giessner: Oct.1 2009 3pm--Oct.1 2009 6pm
Moving on...Koda (our beagle) had her puppies. Seven! That's right, seven puppies! She's such a great mommy too, and a real trooper. She was in labor all day, but once the first puppy came out, the rest were all out within a few hours. The kids really enjoyed watching her. They came home about 15 mins before the first one arrived, and they stayed by her side until I had to DRAG them away for bed. Six are traditional tri-colored, and one big fat male is chocolate. They should be ready to leave about a week before Christmas! Great timing, huh?

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