Friday, October 16, 2009

Bench Project

So I posted my $5 bench makeover....

I thought it turned out really well, but thought it needed something more. So I took the advice of some of the ladies that commented on it, and decided to put our last name on it. It was definitly a chore, but I love the end result! All I did was pick out a font I liked on the computer. Printed it out, then used my exacto blade to cut out a stencil on thicker cardstock paper. I taped the paper where I wanted it, directly in the center. Then using a foam sponge paint brush, I dabbed on the black paint. This is what I got.... A HUGE MESS!! What I should've done (my friend pointed out to me after I was finished) was use a black paint pen to outline it, then fill it in with black paint. Yes that would've worked much better. So I ended up having to touch it up with the black paint and the white paint.

And then after hours of a simple project gone complicated, this is what I got.....

I know it probably would've looked nicer if it was a little bigger, but I couldn't get the font any bigger. I like it though, and I can set something on either side if I want to. After a few days, I realized that my kids were drawn to it. It took a beating, so I ended up putting a coat of polycrylic on. Now, hopefully, it will last even longer.


  1. It turned out so cute. Great job. What a cute little bench!


  2. It looks great! I think it would be great to put Welcome on there too, if it was going in the entryway!

  3. Thanks everyone! I almost DID put "welcome" on it, 'cause I wanted to put it on the porch but decided on our last name instead. And it can still go on the porch if I change my mind. :)