Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Catching Up

I've fallen behind on my blogging! Last week Chase and I were sick with a stomach bug, and this week Bella and I are sick with the flu! Will it ever end?!?! So just a quick update (because I'm already out of breath from walking from my bed to the computer):

Koda is HUGE!!!! Just a week or so before we have puppies!!
I'm planning Bella's 5th birthday party. Small, but cool. Lots of pink, the way little girls like it. :)
Duck hunting on opening weekend, not me.
Halloween, still not even close to being ready. Although I did buy a few bags of candy, I still need more....
Thanksgiving and Christmas....don't even want to think about it yet.
Crazy life, check!

That's it for now. I'll catch up even more in a few days when, hopefully, I'll be better. :)

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