Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 IS OVER!

I am so happy to put 2009 to bed! It was a stressful year full of financial hardship (thanks governor) and family up's and down's. Our financial crisis seems to be getting better. I've had to take on some work. No big deal. When it comes to sink or swim, the Giessners will ALWAYS swim. For all my family still wondering about my mom, we still haven't located her. I am confident GOD will point her in the right direction toward us. It's been hard, but I've had great friends to lean on, and not to mention my supportive husband and kids who are always there. That's been a little of the downside on family. The upside is the birth of 2 MORE nieces! Little Hadley Hewitt, and Lauren Giessner! I still have yet to meet Hadley, and Lauren just arrived yesterday! I couldn't be more thrilled! I have 8 nieces and nephews now! On Garrett's side of the family there is only 1 boy, and that is Chase. He has been disappointed that there is not another little boy for him to pal around with, but have been trying to tell him that it's pretty special being the only boy. He is responsible for protecting all his cousins, is what I've been telling him. Despite his reactions to more girls, I know he secretly adores his 2 oldest cousins, Tessa and Taydem. And I know in time when he gets to know Hadley and Lauren, they'll have him wrapped around their little fingers as well. On a different note, we've sold off all but 1 of our little beagles. We're down to 1 female! The finish line is in our sights, and I can taste freedom! What a crazy, cruddy, surprising, shocking, thrilling ride 2009 has been. And I'm looking forward to a slower, less eventful 2010, with more up's and less down's.

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