Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Redneck Freezer

This is our freezer. I think, by now, everyone knows my husband is a die-hard hunter. But I often forget how die-hard. So take a look in our freezer...........From the outside it's your average up-right freezer. Then you look up............... ....and see the turkey fan sitting on top of it. This came from a turkey Garrett shot last year down in the valley. It tasted great! But honestly, what are we going to do with the feathers?!?!

So I open the freezer and look for the rack of pork spare ribs I know we have in there somewhere. Is it behind the deer steaks we have crammed in there? Nope. Then something catches my eye.
And yes folks, it's a whole duck! A buffle-head, to be exact. (I'm actually guessing, but I am sure that's what it is.) Then I remember I have to put Welch's grape juice on my grocery list. Whatever, I can get past the duck.

And then I remember where the ribs were last seen. But first I have to move the bobcat from his resting place.

And there they were! Yum, can't wait for dinner!

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